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Semester Classes

Class Information

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Fall Classes

Class Age Day Time
Jazz I 6–9
Jazz I 8–12
Jazz II 8–12
Jazz I/II 13+
Tap I 6–9
Tap I 10+
Tap II 13+
Hip-Hop I 6–9
Hip-Hop I 10–13
Hip-Hop II 10–13
Hip-Hop I/II 14+
Dance Technique  
Dance Technique I 6–8
Dance Technique II 9–12
NEW College Prep Dance Audition 15+
NEW Dance/Theater for participants
with Special Needs and Autism
Creative Movement 3–5
Creative Movement  3–5
Move With Me: Baby Wearing Dance Adults with Babies

Class Age Day Time
Yamaha Music Education System Junior Music Courses  
YMES Junior Music Course I 4–6
YMES Junior Music Course II 4–6
YMES Junior Music Course III 4–6
YMES Junior Music Course IV 5–7
YMES Junior Extension Course II 5–7
YMES Young Musicians I 7–9
YMES Young Musicians II 7–9
Yamaha Keyboard Encounter Classes  
Keyboard Encounters I 10–14
Vocal Performance I 8–13
Advanced Vocal Performance 8–13
Vocal Performance I 14+
NEW Jazz at Lincoln Center's WeBop 2–3
Guitar I 10–15
Adult Guitar I 16+
Adult Guitar II/III 16+
Strings I 10+
Strings III 13+
Rock Band 12+

Class Age Day Time
Theater Arts  
Creative Drama 6–8
Creative Drama II 8–10
Acting I 10–13
Acting II 10–13
Acting III 10–13
Acting I 14+
Acting II/III 14–18
Acting II/III 18+
Musical Theater  
Musical Theater Performance 7–9
Musical Theater Performance I 10–13
Advanced Musical Theater Performance 10–13
Musical Theater Performance I 13+
Advanced Musical Theater Performance 13+