Yamaha Music School

Learn to play like a pro.

Yamaha's method cultivates musical ability, creativity and a love of music. Students learn to hear, play, read, understand and appreciate every aspect of music. As they advance, children study performance, improvisation and composition. Then, after completing each program, they take a Yamaha exam to assess their progress.

Yamaha Music School graduates include millions of music-makers, teachers, performers, and professionals worldwide. The approach paired with the student textbooks and materials are widely regarded by educators as the best available—and these materials are included in tuition.

Students must have access to a keyboard for additional practice.

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ages 4–6 & 5–7 with parent/guardian | 4 semesters total
Harnessing young students’ developmental characteristics, a comprehensive curriculum includes ear-training using solfege, basic keyboard-playing skills, rhythm, notation, music appreciation, creativity and singing various musical styles. Parents/guardians are required to actively participate through the entire program.


ages 5–7 | 4 semesters total
Building on the skills and musicality developed in the Junior Music Course, this capitalizes on the physical, mental and emotional development of young students to nurture musical sensitivity. Students' performance abilities grow with the encouragement of self-expression and creativity.


ages 7–9 | 4 semesters total
Students develop keyboard-playing, ear training, sight-reading, harmony, arranging, ensemble-playing and music appreciation. It’s all taught in a group environment to promote confidence, team spirit and group dynamics.


ages 10–14 | 2 semesters total
Students learn to play by studying piano technique, reading music and playing various musical styles. These innovative classes are taught in small groups combining technology with an effective and enjoyable approach.