The Four Counts

Our premiere performance group shines.

This exceptional group of 12- to 19-year-olds represents Dr. Phillips Center on our stages and throughout our community. Under the artistic direction of Karen Rugerio and the musical direction of Tim Hanes, they perfect their performance skills in acting, singing and dancing during and perform in a full season of performances.

Book the Four Counts

Surprise your guests with unique entertainment: our full ensemble, a solo artist or an arrangement in between. Director Karen Rugerio will work with you to create the perfect performance for your event—whether it’s a convention, reception or a holiday party. In turn, the Four Counts cast gains valuable experience in diverse venues.

2018–2019 the Four Counts Company Members

Nia Amara

Katerina Anamisis

Siggy Barnickel

Alexis Bentley

Jackson Boisvert

Henry Cartaya

Annabelle Dalov

Ryanne De Milord

Taylor Falzarano

Jaden Grayman

Tyler Grayman

Brooke Herrera

Kristina Jimenez

Dalton Joseph

Ava Madara

Darren Maffei

Caleb Mapp

Joel Mapp

Natalie Mastali

Shina Mitchell

Jared Montgomery

Mark Montgomery

Micah Parker

Samuel Reddicck

Alex Sheffield

2018–2019 Quarter Notes Company Members

Maddie Belanoff

Mia Bodnar

Sophia-Bella Carrasquillo

Emily Fonseca

Finley Hayden

Julia Jordan

Mary Caroline Kolar

Caleb Mapp

Emma Grace Ramb

Mason Sadlier

Jensen Seidl