Be Original Theater Festival
New Generation Theatrical Presents

Be Original Theater Festival

October 4-6

Be Original Theater Festival

October 4-6

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The Be Original Theater Festival is a first of its kind theater festival, focusing on new original scripts and their writers.

Anxieties Anonymous

(16+ for profanity, drug references)

10/4 — 9:00pm

10/6 — 3:15pm

Writer: Savannah Pedersen

Cast: Announced Soon

A young comedienne on the cusp of her big break. A support group of young people with mental illnesses. They may have more in common than they think. After all, crazy is relative.

Runtime: 70 minutes

Distopia: A Teen Parody

(13+ for mild language, sexual references)

10/4 — 7:30pm

10/6 — 12:15pm

Writer: Charles Davidson

Cast: Announced Soon

A “dystopian” story which follows the Main Character (aptly named Main Character) as she describes the apocalypse, struggles to survive, and tries to save the world with two unlikely friends (while constantly breaking the fourth wall, of course).

Runtime: 55 minutes

Exhibit: Perfect European Man

(15+ for mature themes, implied nudity)

10/5 — 6:00pm

10/6 — 1:45pm

Writer: DJ Salisbury

Cast: Announced Soon

In 1903, Sandow the Magnifcent - brought to the USA by Ziegfeld-was chosen to have his body cast in plaster as example of a perfect man by the British Museum. The play explores the power of beauty and the beauty found in the powerful. An artisan doing the casting of Sandow’s right arm digs into the strongman’s past... which seems to have many secrets. Some secrets that the artisan himself shares.

Runtime: 65 minutes

It’s Always Raining at Best Buy:

(13+ for mild language)

10/5 — 12:30pm

10/6 — 6:45pm

Writer: Gabrielle Snyder

Cast: TBA

A scientist enters a long forgotten town where time has been frozen at noon for a very, very long time. He quests to fix it, realizing this town is even stranger than he imagined.

Runtime: 50 minutes


(16+ for profanity)

10/4 — 5:30pm

10/5 — 2:00pm

Writer: Alexander Hehr

Cast: TBA

Kissimmee local Bobbie Mannon has one goal: To rid the I-4 corridor of Rubberneckers. Highway Patrol Officer Dale Mabry has one wish: to not have to deal with Kissimmee local Bobbie Mannon. And Dale's captain wants to capitalize in on the whole ordeal. When the world's eyes are on the issue, who is truly trying to make the world a safer place?

Runtime: 90 minutes

The Call:

(14+ for profanity, gun violence)

10/4 — 3:30pm

10/5 — 7:30pm

Writer: Francesca DiFrancesco

Cast: TBA

In 1995. McCall, Idaho. Something's about to happen. After the freak & accidental death of his brother, Danny Bowen has lived a reclusive life within the four walls of his own living room for the past three years. Isolating himself from the outside world, he leads a very lonely & delusional existence, his only company being three taxidermist heads that he had hunted down in his "past life" as an avid hunter. But, when an unassuming visitor arrives, unknowingly challenging Danny's life as he knows it, the memories of his haunted past begin to come to life, revealing just what led up to the fateful incident that changed his life forever.

Runtime: 80 minutes


(14+ for mature themes, profanity, sexual content)

10/4 — 1:45pm

10/5 — 9:15pm

Writer: Gretchen Suarez-Pena

Cast: TBA

The horrors of human sex trafficking are very real. It is not just a problem in some distant country; it happens in our own backyard. Follow Ana Saco as she journeys from her office, to her past and tells the world her story and the story of countless others affected by the illicit sex trafficking industry.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Wolf in a Concrete Jungle:

(14+ for profanity, sexual themes)

10/5 — 4:00pm

10/6 — 4:45pm

Writer: Eislinn Gracen

Cast: TBA

A dark twist on the classic teen werewolf story, Rowen has been under the watchful eye of her neurotic father, David, for all eighteen years of her life. Rowen’s dreams of escaping her secluded life to college begin to fall apart once the wolf inside her develops a taste for blood.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Simple Staging Productions Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater at the Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Entrance is through the Main Entrance of the Center.

These original plays are fully blocked, with minimal staging elements to tell the story.

Suggested ratings found below titles.


(16+ for profanity)

10/4 — 1:45pm

10/6 — 2:00pm

Writer: John Mark Jernigan

Cast: TBA

Adagio adverb 1. (especially as a direction) in slow tempo. Everyone makes choices. But not everyone knows how to LIVE with those choices. Adagio is journey inward to reflect on just how difficult it is for any of us to pick ourselves up where we are and move on.

Runtime: 70 minutes

Bang Bang Charlie Foxtrot:

(16+ profanity, mature themes, gun violence)

10/4 — 9:15pm

10/5 — 1:30pm

Writer: Lil Barcaski

Cast: TBA

Ten years after the Iraq war, a young woman is still struggling with the demons and addictions caused by a traumatic experience with sexual abuse. She takes a job in a small restaurant where she is reconnected with some of the people involved leading to a tumultuous end.

Runtime: 70 minutes

Fallen Angel:

(13+ some language)

10/5 — 9:15pm

10/6 — 3:30pm

Writer: Jami-Lee Bartschi

Cast: TBA

Fallen Angel centers around a modern day incarnation of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, who, in order to cope with the recent suicide of her sister, decides to bring her back to life by writing her in such vivid detail that she becomes flesh and blood. Her plan succeeds, but in an attempt to create a happier and more mentally healthy version of her sister, the creation is incomplete and monstrous. This play uses magical realism to combine the biography of Mary Shelley with her most famous work.

Runtime: 50 minutes

God Bless America:

(16+ for violence and simulated terrorism)

10/4 — 3:15pm

10/5 — 8:00pm

Writer: Molly Smith

Cast: TBA

In a post-war America now called the United Republic, Captain Jack Miller takes a journey through his mind about his choices as an adolescent, evaluating the decisions that brought him to the present. This show deals with themes of patriotism, nationalism, violence, love, and the possibilities of what could happen in a nation that fights violence with violence.

Runtime: 30 minutes

It All Started at the Radisson Inn:

(16+ for sexual content)

10/5 — 5:00pm

10/6 — 7:00pm

Writer: Michael Wanzie

Cast: TBA

A tale of the chance meeting between Brett, a handsome, young heterosexual man and Connor, a charming and persuasive older gay gentleman who bond at a rolling party while high on ecstasy. The unlikely pair become frequent role-play partners with foot fetishism and a milquetoast version of a Master/Slave scenario central to their encounters which Brett strives to keep secret from his fiancé, Julie. Eventually, worlds collide and the fallout is not pretty.

Runtime: 70 minutes


(14+ mild language, sexual references)

10/4 — 7:15pm

10/6 — 12:00pm

Writer: Ashleigh Ann Gardner

Cast: TBA

After intense heat triggers massive reactor explosions across the United States, a woman spends five years alone in a bunker. But when a friend from her past arrives and invites her to leave with him, she must choose to either rejoin human society or stay with the sentient computer system she has come to love.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Single Rider:

(13+ mild language)

10/4 — 4:15pm

10/5 — 6:30pm

Writer: Casey Tregeagle

Cast: TBA

They were summoned together under mysterious circumstances. They've never met and don't get along. But thought a series of discussions, fights, and pop culture references, they realize they have a choice to make…

Runtime: 60 minutes

Wake Up:

(14+ for mild language)

10/4 — 5:45pm

10/5 — 3:15pm

Writer: Michael Knight

Cast: TBA

Mark, if you’re reading this, you’ve been in a coma for twenty years. I know you believe you’re living a dream life but that’s because... it is. You are literally in a dream. It’s time to learn the truth. We are trying to reach you any way we can. Please Mark, wake up.

Runtime: 60 minutes