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Dr. Phillips Charities

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Since he first came here in 1894, the Dr. P. Phillips name has meant one thing for Central Florida: forward momentum. It could have been enough that he started and built the largest citrus operation in the world and sold his products worldwide. Or that he was the first grower to successfully can orange juice with the invention of a process called “flash pasteurization.” It would have been impressive if all Dr. Phillips did was lead the development of Central Florida real estate, having conceived, built and managed the first industrial park in Orange County and having also designed the first planned residential community in Central Florida. 

The fact that he accomplished all of these things is incredible, but his legacy is an exponential sum of all this innovation and leadership. His legacy is about more than orange groves, subdivisions or industrial parks. His legacy is about people, it’s about us. It’s about building a place where people can thrive, a place where they can live, work and play.

More than 100 years after Dr. Phillips first came to Central Florida,  Dr. Phillips Inc. and The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation still manage and generate revenue from real estate and investment holdings. This revenue supports Dr. Phillips Charities and honors the Phillips family legacy through continuing support of the Arts and Humanities in Central Florida.

As the Dr. P. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts endeavors to change the cultural and architectural landscape of Central Florida, it is a fitting tribute that it bears the name of the man and family that have done so much for Central Florida for so long. It’s just one of many ways the Phillips family legacy will live on to inspire future artists, musicians and enthusiasts. It’s just one more way they are moving us all forward.