Phase 2: Steinmetz Hall & The Green Room

It's so close you can almost hear it.

Decades of dreaming, planning and hard work helped us finish phase 1: Dr. Phillips Center as you know it today. But things will look a lot different in 2020, when Steinmetz Hall and The Green Room open their doors, and phase 2 fulfills the vision of everyone who’s been involved.


This unique multiform theater will give both show-goers and concert-listeners the ultimate experience—without amplification. The stage, walls and floor will move, getting longer, shorter or lower to host all kinds of entertainment. And with your choice of 1,700 seats on three tiers, you can enjoy a range of “unplugged” local, national and international performances that count on fantastic sound.


This large rehearsal room and performance space will allow performers and guests to come together for musical exploration, recording, creative programming and intimate events—including performances by the 19-member Jazz Orchestra at Dr. Phillips Center. The Green Room will also have its own entrance on South Street.


To round out a great guest experience at Steinmetz Hall and The Green Room, we’re building additional lobby space and full kitchen facilities.


Whiting-Turner, the construction manager for phase 2, broke ground in March 2017.

During construction on the north side of Dr. Phillips Center, South Street’s sidewalk will be closed. We recommend parking at City Commons Garage and entering from Seneff Arts Plaza.


As part of their sponsorship and ongoing support of wellness uniting with the arts, Florida Hospital funded the fence scrim surrounding our phase 2 construction site.

Colorful panels feature parts of our four-count symbol, along with headlines that align with the hospital’s current “Someday Starts Today” marketing campaign—focusing on the future of health care and how they strive to get there. Messaging like “Someday we’ll rock ’til we’re 102”, “Someday everyone will have more spring in their step” and “Someday wellness & the arts will be one” seamlessly blend the campaign with the Dr. Phillips Center brand.