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Phase 2

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Let’s complete the arts center together.

The opening of the first phase of the Dr. Phillips Center was the culmination of decades of dreaming, planning and hard work. Phase 2 fulfills the vision and the commitment of every person who contributed.  Phase 2 will add The Green Room – a large rehearsal room and performance space, full kitchen facilities, continued lobby space and the 1,700-seat acoustical theater, Steinmetz Hall.

The key component of Phase 2 is the 1,700-seat Steinmetz Hall.  It will join the existing 2,700-seat Walt Disney Theater and the 300-seat Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater already in operations since the Dr. Phillips Center opened. Both existing theaters rely on amplified sound while the new theater is designed to transmit sound to all listeners without amplification. Steinmetz Hall is a 1,700-seat, three-tier acoustical hall that will host ‘unplugged’ local, national and international performances from rock to symphony that rely on the fidelity of sound. The acoustical hall will showcase performances by local arts groups and attract the best in musical talent from around the world. Using a moving shell and towers, the stage can be hydraulically lengthened, shortened or even lowered to create a flat floor.

The Green Room, which will have its own entrance from South Street, has been designed as a gathering place for performers and guests for musical exploration, creative programming, recording, intimate performances and events.

Steinmetz Hall and The Green Room are scheduled to open in 2020.

Whiting-Turner is the construction manager for Phase 2. To find out more about them please click here.

Phase 2 Construction 

Please be aware of the Phase 2 construction on the north side of the arts center. While construction of Steinmetz Hall is underway, the sidewalk on South Street is closed. Due to this closure, we recommend parking at City Commons Garage and approaching the front doors from the Seneff Arts Plaza.