7 Tips Before Showtime: Hamilton Edition

7 Tips Before Showtime: Hamilton Edition

To help you have the best time possible at Hamilton, we put together a little list of things to keep in mind. Take a look…

1. Get here at least an hour early.

Hamilton is one of the most popular shows on tour this year—meaning the theater will be full for every performance, and moving around may take a bit longer than normal. Give yourself plenty of time to park, go through security and bag checks enjoy a drink or snack, visit the restroom and be in your seat 15 minutes before showtime. Note: Late guests will be unable to enter the theater until the first number is performed (approximately 10 minutes).

2. Enjoy your food before finding your seat.

Grab some of our delicious new light bites or classic snacks—but please finish your food before entering the theater. Food smells, sounds and spills would be very distracting to other guests. On that note, try to remember to unwrap any mints, gum or cough drops before the show starts.

3. Turn off or silence your phone.

We’ve all been there—eyes glued to the actors onstage, when a shrill ring breaks our trance and spoils the moment. Even the vibrate setting makes a sound, so play it safe and silence (or simply turn off) your phone for the whole show.

4. Save the singing for karaoke.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's lyrics are legendary. We know the songs by heart and love to sing them at the top of our lungs. But during the show, let the pros take the lead with the singing, talking and rapping

5. Sit back and relax.

Unless an emergency comes up and you absolutely need to leave the theater, try to hang tight in your seat until intermission. That way, everyone around you can enjoy the show uninterrupted.

6. Take advantage of intermission.

Hamilton is 2.5 hours long, so use the 15-minute intermission between acts to visit the restroom, stretch your legs or get yourself another drink. Just get back to your seat with time to spare because the show will start on time.

7. Watch with your eyes only.

Photos, videos and sound recordings are prohibited. You’ve been waiting months—or years—to see this incredible Broadway show live. Stay in the moment and soak it all in.

One of your most memorable arts center experiences is right around the corner. It’s finally time to rise up, Orlando.