A Message of Reflection

Our team of colleagues and leaders are involved in an industry centered on human expression and the power of emotion, and we are responsible for making sure everyone feels welcome at the arts center. We also have a responsibility to help society unite and move forward in positive ways.

These past few months, we have focused on the safety and well-being of colleagues, artists and guests, as well as preserving our business. Now, it is time to reflect on our role as human beings and the arts center’s role as a community leader with passion and purpose.

Unspeakable tragedies have led to a widespread outpouring of grief and demonstrations across the country and the world. The death of George Floyd is the latest in a series of deplorable events that highlight the need for real change in how we address our diversity as a society.

The Dr. Phillips Center stands with the black community and all people of color in the fight against racial injustice and inequality.

Diversity and inclusiveness were the foundation of our initial 2003 and 2007 strategic plans and will also be the forefront of our upcoming strategic plan. Throughout our 17-year history–from the creation of our vision in the initial planning phase to the past five years of operations–we committed to serving all audiences with our programming. We also committed to upholding organizational values that celebrate inclusiveness and speak to a wide range of cultural experiences and working environments for all colleagues.

We are in a unique position–with the powerful impact of the arts, its draw to all of humanity, and the dynamic nature of our venue–to find ways to inspire and drive change. These opportunities drive us to be better–to learn, to listen, to act–to set higher goals and to genuinely deliver on our promise of inclusiveness, equality and respect.

We can create a better future and ensure that every member of this community is valued. We hope you agree–we can do more, support each other and commit to change. We have such an opportunity as part of the Dr. Phillips Center and it is our responsibility to provide Arts For Every Life. For everyone.