Founding Donor Profile: Patrick Tubbs

Cover Photo: Patrick Tubbs, left, with Linda Eder, Michael Feinstein and Jamie Garcia Andersen at our annual Donor Appreciation Celebration.

Our donor family is at the very foundation of sharing Arts For Every Life®, helping us impact Central Florida's culture, economy and community for generations to come.

We had the chance to chat with founding donor Patrick Tubbs to find out what inspires him to give back through the arts center.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I began The Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida six years ago. The foundation was created to provide merit-based college scholarships for Central Florida high school students in three areas which are important to me:

  1. Students who are going into the performing arts, whether that be on stage or in the orchestra pit.
  2. Students who have lost one or more parent.
  3. Students involved with the LGBT community, as either a member or an ally.

After I fulfilled my original pledge to the Dr. Phillips Center, I focused on building my foundation in the form of The Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida Morning Glow.

Morning Glow is a separate branch of the foundation and it's two functions are: to provide grants to teachers in Brevard County to improve their various arts programs in their schools. Morning Glow also works together with Brevard County Public Schools to bring back Brevard County's Summer Fine Arts Theater Workshop.

What inspires you to give philanthropically to this community?

Really, I can sum up my philanthropic guiding principle in a quote from Hello, Dolly! As Dolly Levi says in the show, "Money is like manure. It doesn't do any good unless you spread it around, encouraging things to grow!"

Why did you choose to donate to Dr. Phillips Center?

I chose to donate to Dr. Phillips Center for purely selfish reasons. I love the arts, I love music, I love theater and I wanted to be able to experience them in the best possible venue that our community could provide.

What excites you about Steinmetz Hall and the Green Room?

Primarily, I am excited for it to be completed, but I look forward to having an experience in Steinmetz Hall and hearing how amazing it will sound.

Do you have a wish for the future of the arts center?

My wish for the future of Dr. Phillips Center is that it be a beacon for culture, the arts, and entertainment for our diverse Central Florida community.