Founding Donor Profile: Suzie & Bill Lowman

Our donor family is at the very foundation of sharing Arts For Every Life®, helping us impact Central Florida's culture, economy and community for generations to come.

We had the chance to chat with founding donors Suzie and Bill Lowman to find out what inspires them to give back through the arts center.

What inspires you to give philanthropically to your Central Florida community?

We moved to the Orlando area in 1997. Ever since then, we have felt a strong connection to this community. Bill has been so blessed with the support his clients, and Central Florida overall, provide to his law firm ShuffieldLowman. We also raised two children here who are now finishing high school or in college. As we embark on the next chapter in our journey, we want to look for opportunities to give back in support of Central Florida.

Why did you choose to donate to Dr. Phillips Center?

We believe arts in general—and the arts center specifically—should be supported by those with the means in our community. These are very important to the growth of Central Florida, and we view arts as one of the cornerstones of that growth.

What most excites you about completing Steinmetz Hall and the Green Room?

We believe this phase will provide more opportunities for people to enjoy live theater.

Do you have a wish for the future of the arts center?

We hope it continues to attract top-notch productions. We also hope the arts center develops ways to allow people to enjoy the theater that may not otherwise financially be able to participate.