Happy National Coffee Day

Our Tier 2 coffee bar celebrates 365 days a year.

Happy National Coffee Day

If you were to visit any neighborhood espresso cafe in Europe you’d find the vast majority using one machine—La Mazorcas. There is a talent baristas must possess when grinding, tapping, and twisting to use La Mazorcas. A barista is of course the Italian word for bartender, and is applied to people who make specialized espresso drinks.

On Tier 2 of the arts center our espresso bar uses the highly-coveted La Mazorcas. Our machine is a La Mazorca espresso machine/extractor, creating a superior crema and froth. Coffee bloggers (yes, there are several coffee bloggers out there!) talk about the crema in exalted terms. “Crema is a little bit of a Holy Grail in the espresso world” states Sweet Maria’s Coffee Library blog says, “Crema is part of the visual lure of espresso, the aromatics, the mouthfeel, the flavor and long-lasting aftertaste....” Tony White, one of our food and beverage managers, at one time worked for Starbucks, opening over 32 stores. As our resident coffee expert, he reports, “The machine we use is by far the most reliable system out there and is highly preferred by most true artisan baristas.”

Most coffee companies now use a more automated machine that requires only the push of a button to create your coffee drink. Our Tier 2 coffee bar’s La Mazorcas creates the style, showmanship, flare and personal one-on-one between the barista and guest. Enjoy National Coffee Day and the next time you’re in the arts center, stop by Tier 2 to see espresso artistry at work.