Student Spotlight: Micah Zervos

“My favorite aspect when it comes to the arts would have to be the rehearsal process,” 18-year-old Micah Zervos said. “It’s amazing to see all these artists come together and do the one thing we all have in common and love so much. Being in that room is electrifying—the lifelong friends you make, the conversations you have that not only help you grow as a performer but as a human—it’s just astounding.”

Since joining our AdventHealth School of the Arts in October 2020, Micah’s had the chance to participate in two of our Applause Awards, supported by AdventHealth, and be part of four of our productions—The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ragtime, West Side Story and Elf The Musical.

“By far my favorite would have to be the infamous summer of 2021, West Side Story. To be able to tell the story the way we told it in just two weeks is just artistry at its finest,” he said. “What an amazing cast and technical team it was. I can speak on behalf of all the students who were in the show and say that West Side Story was one of our most favorite shows we’ve ever done. On- and offstage, it was just such a great feeling and, if I could live it again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

For two years now, Micah has also represented the arts center across the community as part of our Four Counts ensemble, supported by AdventHealth.

“My favorite experience here would probably be being a member of The Four Counts,” he said. “From rehearsals to performances, it’s such a great experience. You get to learn so much, not only from your directors who are local professionals, but from each other and Broadway professionals.”

He added, “Recently I’ve been able to dabble in choreographing—and I can say right now I probably wouldn’t be getting this opportunity if it wasn’t for the education team at the School of the Arts. They work so hard for us and support us in all of our endeavors.”

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