Student Spotlight:

Student Spotlight: Noah Seth Baez

First, he sang in the choir for our fall youth theater production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, supported by AdventHealth. Then, he auditioned for our recent production of Ragtime—where he wowed us as Houdini.

Now, 18-year-old Noah Seth Baez is taking his talents to the next level as a member of our Four Counts performance group.

“My favorite aspect [of the performing arts] is how they affect people,” he said. “People go to a show to escape reality for just a short amount of time, to feel the thrill of the stage or to hear beautiful music and a story be told. When I perform, I want to believe that I’ve effected one person in the audience to try something new—inspire them to go on a stage one day and become a performer.”

Reflecting on his time here so far, Noah added:

“My favorite experience is all the laughs and memories I’ve been able to make—also while singing in Hunchback and Ragtime, singing these beautiful notes and hearing everyone’s voices together warms my heart.”

“The performing arts have impacted my life by pushing me to be who I am today,” he said. “Without my love of music, of acting, of dancing, and all the wonderful things that happen on- and offstage while being a part of an amazing company, I don’t know who I would be today and where’d I be in life.”

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