Student Spotlight:

Student Spotlight: Wylie Godleski

“My favorite aspect of the performing arts has to be the rehearsal process before a show,” Wylie Godleski said. “While the adrenaline and excitement of the actual performance is amazing, it’s the moments leading up to the show that are even more fun for me. Rehearsals are where you grow such tight bonds with cast members.”

Last fall, the 18-year-old joined our AdventHealth School of the Arts for our one-of-a-kind production of Ragtime—which we were able to put on safely and creatively thanks to extensive health protocols.

“I had never done an outdoor performance before, and with my first being on the Frontyard Festival™ stage, performing such an important musical made it so memorable,” he said.

After Ragtime’s success, Wylie decided to join our Four Counts performance group, supported by AdventHealth, to represent the Dr. Phillips Center around the community.

“My favorite program I have been a part of so far has been The Four Counts. The number of performances we were able to do and the training we were given was so valuable to me—especially with COVID-19 changing the arts the way it did. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I was given from the program, and I’ll never forget the connections I made from it, as well.”

Speaking of building connections and bonding with cast members, Wylie also credits theater with helping him come out of his shell back in the day.

“The performing arts have truly shaped me into the person I am today,” Wylie said. “All the way back in sixth grade when I began to take theater classes, I was a much shyer person—and theater is what has given me the confidence to talk to more people…”

He added, “Theatre also has given me the determination to pursue my dreams further—and I can’t wait to see where all the skills the stage has taught me will take me in the future.”

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