Find more freedom with the new Members' Lane

Find more freedom with the new Members' Lane

Things went south last week.

By “things” we mean the Members’ Bar—which conveniently relocated to the south end of Harry’s Bar and became the Members’ Lane. Now Friend-, Advocate- and Enthusiast-level members can skip lines and order drinks and snacks from a dedicated bartender—in a dedicated place on Tier 1.

This exciting switch from a floating bar to a lane debuted during Jackson Browne’s show on Tuesday, January 23, making the process faster and more centralized.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Read your Know Before You Go email to make sure the lane will be open for your show. (It’s available for most performances in Walt Disney Theater.)

  2. Stash your member card somewhere safe—like in front of those wallet-sized school pictures of your kids. You’ll need to show your card at the Members’ Lane.

  3. Say “hi” and introduce yourself to your bartender. Feel free to show those wallet-sized school pictures of your kids now.

  4. Have a drink and snack before your show or, better yet, preorder something for intermission. Bartenders make pre-ordered drinks right before members swing by to pick them up.

  5. Take full advantage of your newfound free time by doing at least three of these things:
    • Pretend you’re in My Fair Lady or The Princess Diaries or Downton Abbey while walking gracefully up and down the Harvey & Carol Massey Family Grand Staircase.
    • Pose for a photo (or 23) in front of the Wave Wall.
    • Get your very own pack of our world-famous Gummi Bears.
    • Peek out a north-facing window to see how Steinmetz Hall and The Green Room are shaping up—and wave at the construction crew.
    • Ladies, take a chandelier-accented selfie in Harriet’s Ladies Lounge on Tier 1.
    • Make friends with the folks at the concierge desk, then grab a few fliers for upcoming shows and summer programs.
    • Take a look at the wall of names outside the Donor’s Room on Tier 2 to see who you recognize.
    • Revisit your personal bartender for another round of Gummi Bears or a refill—then put your drink in one of Walt Disney Theater’s nifty cupholders.

  6. Tell your friends about the new Members’ Lane and all the other great perks you get when you become a Dr. Phillips Center member.