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Orlando Ballet: The Firebird & To Familiar Spaces In Dream

Show dates: February 5 - 7, 2016
Show times vary
Tickets start at $44.00
Walt Disney Theater

The Firebird:

Enchantment, romance and the mysterious Firebird herself are the inspiration for Igor Stravinsky’s classic and masterful score based on Russian legend of an exotic bird’s magical protective feathers.

This passionate story begins with the Prince’s encounter with the strange Firebird in an enchanted forest controlled by the spell of the Demon Ruler. After being captured by the Prince, this vibrant bird secures her release by offering him one of her magical feathers for his use in times of danger.  Off she flies into the darkness. As the Prince makes his way through the forest he encounters many strange creatures including a band of princesses. To his good fortune, the forest’s magical golden apples spark his love for one Princess in particular. 

Confronted by the Demon Ruler, the Prince is turned into stone as the evil ruler seeks to destroy the young lovers. However, the Prince is able to pull out his one magical feather just in the nick of time and the Firebird appears. Together they kill the Demon. The spell is broken and the Prince and Princess marry. 

Orlando Ballet’s performance to Stravinsky’s classic and thrilling music offers a truly enchanting evening  for the audience to experience the breathtaking highs and lows of passion, good and evil all woven around the magic and fire of the Firebird herself. This contemporary production, with fresh choreography by Artistic Director Robert Hill, promises to be a magical event.  


To Familiar Spaces In Dream:

Jessica Lang's compelling original work with music by Philip Glass, John Cage, and Craig Armstrong. This contemporary performance includes a striking set of eight white columns representing the white keys on the piano. Lang's choreography builds a deepening emotional current that, by the end, appears to engulf dancers and stage alike. To Familiar Spaces in Dream digs deep, charting rich new visual territory for the company and its audience.

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