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Find your fun at the arts center.

Whether students are looking to develop their professional chops, evolve as artists or dabble in creative expression, they're sure to find something super fun (and super rewarding). Learn more about each genre—or jump right in and check out all our Dr. Phillips Center classes at AdventHealth School of the Arts.

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Scholarship Opportunities

To support our vision of Arts For Every Life®, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts works to provide high-quality, professional arts experiences for those who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to pursue the artistic excellence.

Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and/or strong interest and talent in one of the performing arts—acting, musical theater, voice, instrumental or dance.

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Summer Camps

Calling all artists from 6 to 19: Have serious fun this summer learning from the pros—then show those new skills in a final performance.

Musical Theater Classes

Acting, dancing, singing and staging. It’s the ultimate combo for telling stories that entertain audiences. In the magical world of musical theater, dreamers become doers—bringing adventure, drama, fantasy and so much more to life onstage.

Acting Classes

Everyone gets to be who they want to be when it comes to the art of acting. For budding stars, it’s the perfect outlet for all that creative energy. And for actors with more experience, it’s an awesome opportunity to expand their repertoire.

Dance Classes

Little ones can find their footing. Junior dancers can dabble in a whole spectrum of genres. Even adults can dive into new steps from popular styles. Plus, dance training is a super smart idea for aspiring actors.

Voice Classes

From popular styles to classical skills, or solos to group numbers, singers can take their pick from a variety of unique classes. Practice makes perfect—whether they’re mastering the basics or expressing themselves through song.

Instrumental Classes

Make some noise for these fun-filled group classes. Music lovers of all ages can strum the strings, strike the keys and feel the rhythm. Build a foundation by learning to read music, jump on in and sharpen skills—or even pick up a new instrument.

Homeschool Classes

Kids can earn credit hours with fun classes that focus on introductory exposure to the performing arts. Practicing music, dance, spoken dialogue and building characters can all help increase confidence and self-expression.