Dr. Phillips Center Presents

Lang Lang in Recital

The 2024/25 Great Orchestra Series Add-On
March 5, 2025 | Steinmetz Hall | 7:30 p.m.

Lang Lang in Recital

March 5, 2025 | Steinmetz Hall | 7:30 p.m.

FAUREPavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50
SCHUMANNKreisleriana, Op. 16
Op. 7 Nr. 3
Op. 17 Nr. 1, 2, 4
Op. 24 Nr. 2, 4
Op. 30 Nr. 3, 4
Op. 33 Nr. 3, 4, 2
Op. 59 Nr. 3
CHOPINPolonaise in F# minor, Op. 44

Arguably the most famous Chinese pianist of all time, Lang Lang has become a classical music supernova, with the popularity and charisma of any leading rockstar. Beyond his litany of hit records, many of his performances and interviews have earned over a million views online, and his concerts are regularly sold-out far in advance.

Very few artists can claim the same profound impact on the world of music as Lang Lang has achieved. As a pianist, educator, philanthropist and influential ambassador for the arts, Lang Lang has fully embraced new technology and innovation, leading the way in bringing classical music into the 21st century. Equally passionate playing for billions of viewers at the Beijing Olympics’ Opening Ceremony or a few hundred children in public schools, Lang Lang is a master of communicating through music. Gifted with unique artistic and communicative skills, he unites excellence and accessibility unlike anyone else, building bridges between Eastern and Western culture.

With a performance style described as eccentric but fascinating, Lang Lang exudes an animated bravado with frequent smiles and long glances away from the keyboard, even during extremely difficult segments. While he plays many traditional and contemporary Chinese works, his repertoire draws chiefly from the Western canon. Mozart, Rachmaninov and Beethoven regularly appear on his programs. Lang Lang has toured widely throughout Asia, Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere across the globe and has made numerous recordings, most prominently for Deutsche Grammophon and Sony Classical.

Among Lang Lang's more acclaimed recordings is 2010's Lang Lang Live in Vienna, which features works by Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofiev and Albeniz. He also performed on the soundtracks of The Banquet, Gran Turismo 5 and The Painted Veil (composed by Alexandre Desplat), which won a Golden Globe for best score.

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