Walt Disney Theater

Dr. Phillips Center presents


Mom's Night Out Round 2 in association with Outback Presents March 11, 2022 | Walt Disney Theater
FL Falun Dafa Association Presents

Shen Yun 2021

June 30–July 4, 2021 | Walt Disney Theater
Dr. Phillips Center presents

Scribble Showdown

in association with AEG Presents June 10, 2021 | Walt Disney Theater

Oh look, cupholders.

Certain details stand out right away: copper accents against cherry wood. White sails hanging below a blue “sky.” But there’s more to Walt Disney Theater than meets the eye—and ear. (After all, the acoustics are incredible from all 2,700+ seats.) Here, subtle design elements take you back to the classical outdoor theaters of ancient Greece—where exciting entertainment brought the whole community together. Just like this.