From Groundbreaking to Finish Line

Part 1: In this construction update get the details on all that’s happening with Phase 2.

Welcome to From Groundbreaking to Finish Line, an update of all things construction with photos and fast facts on Phase 2. We’re moving along and seeing lots of changes and we want you to be part of it!

We’re getting ready for a big event next week—a concrete pour with about 110 trucks. Here’s what it took to get ready:

Whiting-Turner, the construction manager, has completed placement of concrete for the working slab in the ‘pit’ area, located below the main building foundation. This working slab is a smooth and stable surface to allow the installation of sheet waterproofing as the foundation is below the water table. You can see from the photos that in the ‘pit’ area there are about 570 auger cast concrete pilings.

Due to the high-water table in Florida, there is hydro static pressure from the groundwater that wants to push the building upward. Those pilings hold the building in place from vertical movement, both up and down. They also provide support so the building won’t settle downward due to the sheer weight of the structure.

There is no way to get a crane down in the hole, so the piles were drilled from grade at street level and will be cut off to proper elevation within the mat foundation.

So here are the big upcoming dates—you might want to mark your calendars!

October 21: Next Saturday at 2 a.m. is the first concrete placement of the mat foundation. What that means is that starting at 2 a.m. about 110 concrete trucks will fill the streets of downtown, one by one filling the ‘pit’. Dial up the web cam or come down! (Be prepared for road closures.) Check back here for photos and time lapse video.

November 4: This will be the biggest pour of about 6000 cubic yards of concrete. If you thought 110 trucks at work was cool, wait until you see the nearly 600 concrete trucks needed for this placement. Expect this to last from 2 a.m. until 2 p.m.

November 9: This will be the last part of the mat foundation and is similar in size to the first pour scheduled for October 21.

Our fundraising efforts to complete Dr. Phillips Center continue even as construction is going on. We encourage you to get involved and stay involved all the way through opening of Steinmetz Hall and The Green Room in 2020. Here’s some ways you can be part of this amazing transformation:
• Visit the webcam to watch the construction of this one-of-a-kind facility.
• Check in here to see photos and get updates.
• Hit the Give Now button and pledge your support to the Capital Campaign so that we can finish this together.

As you know from any construction you’ve been part of, dates and times are always subject to change.