Student Spotlight: Dalton Joseph

“By far my favorite part of being a student at the Dr. Phillips Center has been the community I have seen grow and develop over my seven years here,” said 17-year-old Dalton Joseph, who’s currently a member of our Four Counts ensemble, supported by AdventHealth. “Not only are my peers exceptionally talented, passionate and hardworking individuals, but they are also incredibly kind people.”

He’s taken classes, joined productions and participated in performance groups with those students since he first came to our AdventHealth School of the Arts at the age of 10. Since then, Dalton has packed his schedule with our programs—and it’s been amazing watching him take his talents to the next level.

“I have been a part of so many incredible programs over the years, it is so hard to pick a favorite,” he said. “For the first several years at the Dr. Phillips Center, I was a part of the musical theater class on Friday nights. For many years, I have also been involved in Take It From The Top during the summer, [which] gives us the chance to work with industry professionals who are currently working on Broadway.”

Dalton added, “I then joined Downtown Sounds, which became Docs and Dellas, which finally morphed into what we know now as The Four Counts! Through The Four Counts, I have also had the incredible opportunity to perform at the Applause Awards every year since 2017. Last year, I was awarded an Applause Award for Outstanding Singer and this year I am receiving two Outstanding Lead Performer awards for my performances in Elf and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

“I have also been a part of several productions...I have appeared in Into the Woods, Legally Blonde, Les Misérables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ragtime, West Side Story—and I will be taking the stage again in Catch Me If You Can this summer!”

So far, Dalton’s already accomplished one of his big goals as part of our cast of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, supported by AdventHealth.

“I had long dreamed of playing Claude Frollo—and being given the honor to bring that character to life was absolutely incredible,” he said. “Under the superb direction of Ryan Simpson and the 60-person choir that accompanied us, it truly was the most incredible theatrical experience of my life.”

We wish Dalton many more memorable experiences while he’s with us—and so we’re excited to see him in Catch Me If You Can this July.

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