First Responder Family

First Responder Family

Guest Blogger, Lauren Petterson our Guest Services Supervisor, shares her experiences with our amazing security team that includes first responders from Orlando Police and Emergency Medical Technicians.

On the night of any show when you enter Dr. Phillips Center, your first stop (before you are fully immersed in the beauty of the Della Phillips Grand Lobby) is our bag check, security screening, and ticket scanning. Our security team and volunteer ticket scanners welcome you with warm smiles. As you pass through you may see out of the corner of your eye a uniformed officer or EMT. They too are often smiling or chatting with guests or members of the Dr. Phillips Center team.

These uniformed officers and EMTs have become part of the Dr. Phillips Center family. They know our names and we know theirs. When they see us, they ask about our families, our travels, and offer stories from their own vacations with their families or some cool things that they have done outside of work.

We are glad that they are part of our team. We value their friendship and commitment to the safety and well being of the guests and staff at Dr. Phillips Center. They are always aware of their surroundings and quick to respond to any incidents or situations they are called to. They take great care of all of our guests. We cannot thank them enough for their support.

The job of the Front of House team is to ensure that every guest who walks into Dr. Phillips Center on any given night has the best possible experience. As part of our Front of House team, the uniformed officers and EMTs provide a sense of safety and security for everyone. Be sure to look for them the next time you visit.

At Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts we take the safety and security of our guests and our colleagues very seriously. We continue to evaluate and upgrade security. In light of the serious events here in Orlando and all over the world, we have enhanced our protocols. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement bag checks and enhanced security inspections on your entrance for a show.

As you prepare for the upcoming season at Dr. Phillips Center, please consider coming early to the arts center. We open our lobby 90 minutes before shows in the Walt Disney Theater and 60 minutes before shows in the Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater. We’ve noticed that most people arrive in the last 30 minutes before the curtain goes up and with extra security checks it can be difficult to make sure everyone is seated at the start of the show. So, we invite you to come early and make sure you get to see every minute of the fantastic shows we have scheduled. For more information about our enhanced security protocols and to prepare for your next visit, Click Here.